Our Rooms

At St Jude’s Early Learning we have three groups:
CATERPILLARS: 2-3 year olds
BUTTERFLIES: 3-4 year olds
BEES: 4-5 year olds
Each room caters to the needs of each child and while children are grouped in ages, development plays a major part in room formations.

Caterpillar Room

This room caters to the needs of ninteen children (19) aged from two (2) years old.
The Caterpillar room is a light filled space with ample room to host an array of activities that are presented to the children on a daily basis.
There are four (4) Early Childhood educators working with the children in this room.
Outdoors the children have a separate play area to enhance indoor/outdoor play.
There is a dedicated nappy change area in this room.

Butterfly Room

This room caters to the needs of twenty (20) children aged from three (3) to four (4) years.
The Butterfly room has three (3) Early Childhood educators working with the children.
It is a condition of this room that children need to be fully toilet trained.

Bees Room

The Bees room caters to the needs of twenty (20) children aged from four (4) to five (5) years of age.
There are two (2) Early Childhood educators in this room.
The program takes into account the needs and interests of the child as well as developmental levels.


The routine for the children is flexible and designed by the educators in each room catering to the interests and needs of the children.
Centre Opens – 8am
Morning Tea – 8.30am
Fruit Time – 10am
Lunch – 12.15
Rest – 1pm
Afternoon Tea – 3pm
Late snack – 5.30pm
Centre Closes – 6pm